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Germany: Berlin – Trabi Safari

Berlin is a city that has changed so much over the past 20 years and offers great and unique experiences to North American MICE groups. For those of you who may be U2 fan’s, you may remember that U2 used the Trabant (or Trabi) for their ZOO TV tour, where they lit the stage with old Trabi cars!

Trabi Safari

Well you can bring that excitment to your clients and employees with MICEport’s DMC in Germany, Team Seefried, who are part of MICEport’s DMC Passport. The Trabi Safari is a great option for MICE groups, offering North American participants a truly unforgettable experience and a piece of history. One of the great tours is the “Wild East”.

After a short briefing concerning the “secrets” of the “four-gear manual change” you can start: open the petrol cock, pull the choke, start the car, shift to the low gear, let off the break, push the gas pedal – off you go. With 26 horsepower you chug along the streets in your trabi convoy. The guide usually sits in the lead car and tells you interesting and curious things about yesterday and today throughout the whole trip. You will hear to the guide via radio in every Trabi without headphones just over the loudspeakers of the radio. Your participants will get to know the city from a totally different point of view – TRUST ME!

After graduating from your adventure and having gained new knowledge about how to drive a Trabi, every first driver of the Trabi gets his/her own “Trabi-driving licence”.

The “Wild East” tour is about an hour and your participants will discover the insider tour for everyone who wants to see Berlin off the tourist-beaten path. The tour takes you almost entirely through the former East part of the city. Driving along the East Side Gallery – the longest piece of the wall remaining – then further through Karl-Marx-Allee will take you back to the days of planned economy and real-life socialism. Experience up close and in person the history of the divided city and its way to the future.

Berlin Wild East

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