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Ireland: Pre Clearance of US Customs and Immigration for Groups.

Dublin and Shannon Airports are two of only a handful of airports that offer the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facilities outside of the USA.

So what does this mean for North American Groups?Picture1

  • Clear US Immigration and Customs in Dublin and Shannon;
  • Quicker transfer times in the US Airport;
  • Passengers arriving in the US are treated as domestic arrivals.

How does preclearance of US Immigration work?

  • When your clients get into Dublin or Shannon airports for their return to the USA (we would suggest 3 hours before take off), check-in as usual and then go through security.
  • Once they get through security, they can visit some of the fantastic Duty Free shops, restaurants, gift shops and VAT back office (we will be talking about this in another blog pretty soon);
  • Then your clients go to US Immigration and Customs hall. This is basically exactly the same as a US immigration and customs facility except that it is in Ireland.  The US Customs Border Security is run through The Department of Homeland Security and all of the updated information is there (
  • Once your clients clear customs and immigration, the flight lands as a domestic flight, with all of the privileges. Clients do not have to go through immigration or customs once they arrive in the US, so it is quick and easy to get to their next flight or other transportation needs.

We did a podcast on this subject and you can listen to it here or subscribe to our iTunes channel.  We have also added the official Dublin Airport US Immigration preclearance video below:

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