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Good Vibrations: The Art of Bringing People Together

MICEport and Hello Scotland sponsored a great event at MPI Westfield in the newly renovated The Westport Inn.

In today’s times and in our industry, the value of the face-to-face experience and social interaction is more important than ever.

Non-verbal communication accounts for over 85% of impressions, perceptions and intuitive conclusions we form about people within the first five to seven seconds we meet them. Our awareness of social skills, body language, verbal intonation and how to conduct small-talk conversations is critical to forming emotional bonds and developing life-long relationships.

It was a great evening and thank you to everyone who attended this extreamly active MPI chapter.  MICEport will be back as your Passort to International MICE Destinations.

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Posted by on October 19, 2012 in Education, MICEport LLC, MPI, Scotland

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