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Travel is the Greatest Teacher

MICEport’s philosophy on travel is that it is the greatest teacher! Not only to learn new cultures but also to learn from each other. Isn’t that why meetings and incentives are so important for companies? You can’t do everything from a computer, from a telephone or through webinars – we have to meet, learn and experience.

This is exemplified in Dubai at the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU). The SMCCU opened in 1998 to help visitors gain a better understanding of the culture and customs of the UAE. SMCCU invites guests to take part in their activities, including a range of Arabic classes, heritage tours, and guided mosque visits.

The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding is located in a beautifully restored wind tower house in the historic Al Fahidi District in Bur Dubai, the centre offers a range of activities, from traditional cuisine to conversations with local Emiratis. It’s motto is ‘Open Doors, Open Minds,’ and isn’t that the thing we strive for in all of our meetings and incentive!

SMCCU is where groups can ask questions such as why the native women of the UAE wear black while the men wear white? What happens inside a mosque? Do you want to try a traditional Emirati meal? MICEport feels that SMCCU is definitely a great and an essential part of a program to UAE. It breaks down barriers, preconceptions and misunderstandings. Understanding the local traditions adds depth and meaning to any group visiting from UAE.

UAEGroup attendees can ask any question – no matter how sensitive and they will be answered – it is a great experience!

For our groups we can have a traditional Emirati breakfast, lunch, or dinner and you’ll start with a guided walking tour of the historic Al Fahidi District. Then take a seat on Bedouin-style carpets and pillows and enjoy a selection of traditional dishes while your local host answers the groups questions.

Contact MICEport for more information on groups, meetings or incentives to UAE. MICEport’s DMC in UAE is Incentive Connections. Perfection and innovative programs would be two words to describe Incentive Connections programs in UAE. Contact us and see our website at


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Small Things Count …

I think that it was Vincent Van Gogh who said  “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together”. This was definitely exemplified when I was recently in the United Arab Emirates with MICEport’s newest DMC based in Dubai, Incentive Connections.

Dubai airportThe team at Incentive Connections really do think of everything.  When I came off my transatlantic flight at 11.00pm local time, they were there to meet me – not a driver – but 3 team members! Incentive Connections always have a minimum of two people to meet and greet their groups.

Once outside the terminal, our car was parked very close by with a cold towel and ice cold water. I am not saying this to be a highly demanding person, rather it was so appreciated because there was nothing else that I wanted other than an ice cold drink and to feel refreshed. I really did feel like a VIP but I was quickly told by the team that “this is the way we meet all our groups” – wow…this is a partner who really knows clients and superior customer service.

hyatt-regency-lobbyWe made the short transfer to Hyatt Regency Dubai where the Incentive Connections team gave me a welcome gift of a silver scroll and the loan of a cell phone while in the UAE. Once again this is standard practice for the team who present these two items to a group leader.

A cell phone may appear to be a small thing but it was an invaluable item because it enabled us to be in contact with each other when we were not together or needing to co-ordinate. This was a great experience by Incentive Connections who really do believe in the small details to create a unique and exceptional experience in the UAE for incentive and meeting groups from North America.

MICEport is proud to be a partner of Incentive Connections in North America.  For more information or to submit an RFP please email us at

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Middle East and Europe Tour Day 1 of 9

This week is going to be a busy but fantastic week with many learning experiences for me and MICEport. I am going to visit Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Rome, Umbria, London and Glasgow over the next 9 days.

I started my travels from JFK (maybe not the best idea to leave on the Sunday
after Thanksgiving and a Giants game in NYC. Anyway, I traveled on BA to London and then onto Dubai.  It is actually my first time transferring through Heathrow with BA through Terminal 5.


I WAS SHOCKED! I always did anything that I could to avoid a transfer through Heathrow in the past but this was the easiest and most convenient transfer I had ever done. I had an hour an a half to get from one flight to the other and I made it with with ease and still had time to have a Starbucks hit and check my emails.

With reference to emails and WiFi. I was impressed that BA Terminal 5 offers free internet for 45 minutes – which is ideal to check emails and make Skype calls without having to pay for a full day of internet usage you are never going to use.

Once I landed in Dubai, I was really impressed with MICEport’s DMC Partner in Dubai, Incentive Connections, who had a VIP airport staff greeter to meet me off the flight which is the same rule of thumb if a group arrives with Incentive Connections. The service then allows you to speed through the crowds and get through immigration very quickly in the totally modern/efficient Dubai airport.  I was then greeted by Incentive Connection Mr Melwyn who is the Project Manager with Incentive Connections and two of his colleagues. Once I got in the car Incentive Connections had a very welcomed cold towel to freshen up before the short drive to the beautiful Hyatt Regency Dubai and Galleria.


Mr Melwyn then gave me an unexpected gift of a silver scroll with a welcome note from Mr Porus, the Managing Director of Incentive Connections.  This is something that Incentive connections usually gives to the trip director of an incentive program to Dubai.  I am looking forward to the next couple of days in Dubai and I am looking forward to updating our blog with some great information.

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