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Sandy – A Year on – The Correct Partners are Essential

It is hard to believe that Hurricane Sandy hit the North East USA on this date last year. We were hit pretty hard in Bucks County, PA – but definitely not as hard as other areas throughout the North East.  Thankfully none of our employees were hurt during the storm but we were without electricity, heat and running water at home and in the office for about 10 days.

There are three things that I think are good lessons that we learnt for business continuity during this emergency and I thought that it could also be related to ones choice of DMC partner:

  1. Be prepared – This may sound obvious but we ensured that we had water bottles, wood for fire, dry food that could be kept for a while and cash. MICEport’s DMCs have an average of 26 years in business so they have seen almost all eventualities and are prepared for pretty much anything.
  2. Communication – We told our employees not to even try to come to work and we would all communicate by cell phone, text, email and we put updates on our intranet. We also informed out partners in Europe that we would be out of contact for a couple of days. MICEport’s DMC partners have been working with clients from all over the world and one thing that is essential is communication to ensure that all the needs of the client are met and exceeded.
  3. Great Partnerships – Unfortunately one of my family members needs continual medical care. One of the things I am most grateful for is that we had a local Pharmacy whom we have a personal relationship with and they were fantastic throughout the 10 days (despite them not having any electricity). Our medical supplies were continuous. My point here is that local knowledge and personal relationships are so important not only at home but also during incentives and meetings. MICEport’s DMCs are boutique DMCs that offer bespoke programs and to this end it would be impossible to do this without having local, unique knowledge and partnerships.

Experience Counts and MICEport’s DMCs have the experience. Selecting the correct DMC for international programs is so important not only for a great program but when challenging things occur.

26 years =  MICEport’s DMCs average number of years of experience.

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