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Can You Afford NOT To Have An International Meeting or Incentive!

Euro usdI want to warn you this is a mathematical blog post for international incentives and meetings, please don’t turn off because it will give you and your clients some real saving opportunities for your next international program.

Exchange rates in Europe and the United Kingdom have been dropping and now is the time to buy your international incentive/meeting!!!

As of 20th January 2015 vs 20th January 2014 The Euro vs USD and CAD enables clients in USA and Canada to receive about 15% and 8% more for their program respectively in exchange rates alone.  In the UK, the exchange rate has been a little more stable vs the USD and CAD enabling clients in USA and Canada to get about 6% and 1% more respectively in exchange rates alone!

So what does this mean in reality?

Clients Paying in US Dollars:

  • A EUR£100,000 program in 2014 cost about USD$135,600 and in 2015 the same program would cost USD$115,800 in exchange rates – a saving of US$19,800
  • A GBP£100,000 program in 2014 cost about USD$164,200 and in 2015 the same program would cost USD$151,600 in exchange rates – a saving of US$12,600

Clients Paying in Canadian Dollars:

  • A EUR£100,000 program in 2014 cost about CAD$148,700 and in 2015 the same program would cost CAD$139,000 in exchange rates – a saving of CAD$9,700
  • A GBP£100,000 program in 2014 cost about CAD$182,100 and in 2015 the same program would cost CAD$180,000 in exchange rates – a saving of CAD$2,100

MICEport’s DMCs in Ireland, Scotland, France, Monaco, Germany, Austria, Italy, UAE, Oman can ensure that that your program not only works within your budget and exchange rates but more importantly fits in with your goals and objectives of your program. Our DMCs throughout Europe and the Middle East have an average of 26 years in business.  Learn more about our DMCs at

Can you afford not to bring your incentive meeting to Europe and Scotland?

UP Next: Next Wednesday we will be covering some of the Tax benefits you can receive for meetings and incentives in international destinations.

All of the opinions in this blog are used as examples and are based on exchange rates based on 20th January, 2015 information. Rates and pricing is subject to change and is only used to exemplify potential savings.


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MICEport’s New International Webinars

Due to the great success of MICEport’s Webinars; MICEport will be conducting more international meeting, incentive, conference and event webinars in the coming months.

We will be adding more webinars, however this is the current webinar schedule and we will be releasing the actual dates closer to the time:

  • Scotland – 12 December  Register Now
  • Spain – January
  • Austria – February
  • Ireland – March
  • Germany – April

If you would like to see a specific subject covered in MICEport’s webinars please leave a comment below or contact us.

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Good Vibrations: The Art of Bringing People Together

MICEport and Hello Scotland sponsored a great event at MPI Westfield in the newly renovated The Westport Inn.

In today’s times and in our industry, the value of the face-to-face experience and social interaction is more important than ever.

Non-verbal communication accounts for over 85% of impressions, perceptions and intuitive conclusions we form about people within the first five to seven seconds we meet them. Our awareness of social skills, body language, verbal intonation and how to conduct small-talk conversations is critical to forming emotional bonds and developing life-long relationships.

It was a great evening and thank you to everyone who attended this extreamly active MPI chapter.  MICEport will be back as your Passort to International MICE Destinations.

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WTF – What The FAM!

Last week an incentive planner friend asked me whether I felt that meeting or incentive FAMs/educational/hosted buyer programs (whatever you want to call them nowadays!) really work.  WTF – What the FAM I thought.  It was an interesting question and we had good debate about this.  When you think about it,  hotels, airlines, destinations, DMCs put a lot of time, effort and money into FAMs but does it produce the results we all need? I would be interested to see what your opinion is as a supplier or a buyer.

I have been lucky enough to be on both the buyer and supplier side and my view is that FAMs really do have a place in the marketing mix; however with one note – the FAM has to have very specific goals and objectives.

I think from a:

  • Buyers point of view, it is essential that there is an understanding of the destination, supplier quality and creativity.
  • Suppliers point of view, I feel that suppliers need to ensure that the correct person is coming on the FAM and that creativity and knowledge of the clients needs are a priority.

The days have gone where it is just a trip without specific goals on both sides and an opportunity to just see a destination – we just don’t have the time.

What are your feelings on this?  Please put your thoughts on the poll attached and please share what FAM ideas have worked for you in the comments section, I would really appreciate your feedback both from a supplier and an incentive/meeting buyer point of view.

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