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Small Things Count …

I think that it was Vincent Van Gogh who said  “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together”. This was definitely exemplified when I was recently in the United Arab Emirates with MICEport’s newest DMC based in Dubai, Incentive Connections.

Dubai airportThe team at Incentive Connections really do think of everything.  When I came off my transatlantic flight at 11.00pm local time, they were there to meet me – not a driver – but 3 team members! Incentive Connections always have a minimum of two people to meet and greet their groups.

Once outside the terminal, our car was parked very close by with a cold towel and ice cold water. I am not saying this to be a highly demanding person, rather it was so appreciated because there was nothing else that I wanted other than an ice cold drink and to feel refreshed. I really did feel like a VIP but I was quickly told by the team that “this is the way we meet all our groups” – wow…this is a partner who really knows clients and superior customer service.

hyatt-regency-lobbyWe made the short transfer to Hyatt Regency Dubai where the Incentive Connections team gave me a welcome gift of a silver scroll and the loan of a cell phone while in the UAE. Once again this is standard practice for the team who present these two items to a group leader.

A cell phone may appear to be a small thing but it was an invaluable item because it enabled us to be in contact with each other when we were not together or needing to co-ordinate. This was a great experience by Incentive Connections who really do believe in the small details to create a unique and exceptional experience in the UAE for incentive and meeting groups from North America.

MICEport is proud to be a partner of Incentive Connections in North America.  For more information or to submit an RFP please email us at

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Middle East and Europe Tour Day 1 of 9

This week is going to be a busy but fantastic week with many learning experiences for me and MICEport. I am going to visit Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Rome, Umbria, London and Glasgow over the next 9 days.

I started my travels from JFK (maybe not the best idea to leave on the Sunday
after Thanksgiving and a Giants game in NYC. Anyway, I traveled on BA to London and then onto Dubai.  It is actually my first time transferring through Heathrow with BA through Terminal 5.


I WAS SHOCKED! I always did anything that I could to avoid a transfer through Heathrow in the past but this was the easiest and most convenient transfer I had ever done. I had an hour an a half to get from one flight to the other and I made it with with ease and still had time to have a Starbucks hit and check my emails.

With reference to emails and WiFi. I was impressed that BA Terminal 5 offers free internet for 45 minutes – which is ideal to check emails and make Skype calls without having to pay for a full day of internet usage you are never going to use.

Once I landed in Dubai, I was really impressed with MICEport’s DMC Partner in Dubai, Incentive Connections, who had a VIP airport staff greeter to meet me off the flight which is the same rule of thumb if a group arrives with Incentive Connections. The service then allows you to speed through the crowds and get through immigration very quickly in the totally modern/efficient Dubai airport.  I was then greeted by Incentive Connection Mr Melwyn who is the Project Manager with Incentive Connections and two of his colleagues. Once I got in the car Incentive Connections had a very welcomed cold towel to freshen up before the short drive to the beautiful Hyatt Regency Dubai and Galleria.


Mr Melwyn then gave me an unexpected gift of a silver scroll with a welcome note from Mr Porus, the Managing Director of Incentive Connections.  This is something that Incentive connections usually gives to the trip director of an incentive program to Dubai.  I am looking forward to the next couple of days in Dubai and I am looking forward to updating our blog with some great information.

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